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About AngularJS :

AngularJS is a client-side MVC framework for quick development of single-page applications. It is open source and is completely written in JavaScript.

Developers choose AngularJS because of its specific features like two way data binding, modularization, dependency injection, expressions, filters, directives, etc which enables quick web application development.

In this course we will discuss on the creation of single page applications with AngularJS, modularize the web application and use two way data binding for model-view synchronization. We will also use AngularJS constructs for making server calls for dynamic data.

Target audience: Developers

Prerequisites :

You must know before doing this course how to

  • Create HTML5 forms
  • Use JavaScript for DOM and BOM manipulation
  • Write JavaScript functions
  • Create and use JavaScript variables
  • Style pages using CSS class, element and ID selectors
  • Make asynchronous communication with server: Ajax calls
  • Style components using Twitter Bootstrap framework

Software requirement

Tools/IDEs :

  • Demos in this course have been created using Netbeans IDE and Notepad++
  • You can also use Sublime Text, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Web Storm etc

Web Server:

  • In this course glassfish server has been used to deploy the sample application
  • You can also use servers like Tomcat/IIS/JBOSS


  • AngularJS 1.4
  • Bootstrap 3.3

Web Browser:

  • In this course we have used Google Chrome browser
  • You can use Safari/Firefox/ Microsoft EDGE or any other modern browser

In this course restful web services has been developed using Java (JAX-RS). You can use any server side technology to develop the same

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