Computer Network Wiring Standards

Ethernet cabling is an important thing to understand, especially if you’re planning to work on any type of LAN. There are different types of wiring standards available:

  • 568A
  • 568B
  • Straight-through
  • Crossover
  • Rolled/rollover

Straight-through Cable :

The straight through cable is used to connect a host to a switch or hub or a router to a switch or hub. Four wires are used in straight-through cable to connect 10/100 Ethernet devices. It’s really pretty simple to do this.

Straight through Cable

Crossover Cable :

The same four wires are used in this cab1e and just as with the straight through cable you simply connect the different pins together. Crossover cables can be used to connect these devices :

  • Switch to switch
  • Hub to hub
  • Host to host
  • Huh to switch
  • Router direct to host
Crossover Cable

Rolled/Rollover Cable :

If you have a Cisco router or switch, you would use this cable to connect your PC, Mac, or a device like an iPad to the Cisco hardware. Eight wires are used in this cable to connect serial devices, although not all eight are used to send information, just as in Ethernet networking.

Rollover Cable
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