Ethical Hacking Wireless Hacking Step By Step

Wireless Hacking :

A wireless network is a set of two or more devices connected with each other via radio waves within a limited space range. The devices in a wireless network have the freedom to be in motion, but be in connection with the network and share data with other devices in the network. One of the most crucial point that they are so spread is that their installation cost is very cheap and fast than the wire networks.

Wireless networks are widely used and it is quite easy to set them up. They use IEEE 802.11 standards. A wireless router is the most important device in a wireless network that connects the users with the Internet.

Wireless Hacking

Wireless Router :

In a wireless network, we have Access Points which are extensions of wireless ranges that behave as logical switches.

Wireless Router

Access Point :

Although wireless networks offer great flexibility, they have their security problems. A hacker can sniff the network packets without having to be in the same building where the network is located.

Access Point

As wireless networks communicate through radio waves, a hacker can easily sniff the network from a nearby location.

Access Point Key Sniffing

Most attackers use network sniffing to find the SSID and hack a wireless network. When our wireless cards are converted in sniffing modes, they are called monitor mode.

Sniffer to find SSID
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