Kismet :

Kismet is a WIFI network analysis tool. This is the 802.11 second layer wireless network detector, sniffer and intrusion detection system. It applies to wireless network cards that support original monitoring (rfmon) mode and can intercept 802.11a / b / g / n traffic. It collects data packets and identifies the network by hiding the network.

To use it, move the wireless card into monitor mode and type "airmon-ng start wlan0" in the terminal.


Step 1 :

To launch it, open terminal and type “kismet”.

Kismet terminal

Step 2 :

Click “Ok”.

Kismet terminal window start

Step 3 :

Click “Yes” when it asks to start Kismet Server. Otherwise it will stop functioning.

Kismet initiation

Step 4 :

Startup Options, leave as default. Click “Start”

Step 5 :

Now it will display a table that asks you to define a wireless network card. In this case, click “Yes”

Kismet define a wireless network card

Step 6 :

In this case, the wireless source is “wlan0”. It must be written in the “Intf” section → click the “Add” section.

Kismet wlan0

Step 7 :

It will start sniffing the WiFi network, as shown in the screenshot below.

start sniffing the WiFi network

Step 8 :

When you click on the network, wireless details are generated, as shown in the screenshot below.

generated wireless details
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  • : Aryan
  • : 2022-05-05
please tell how to download, run and install kismet on windows 10