[Solved] How To Recover Data From Formatted Drive

How to recover data from formatted drive?


  • What is data recovery?
  • What happen to formatted drive data?
  • How to recover data from formatted drive?
  • Software used for data recovery from formatted drive.
  • Steps to recover data.
  • Conclusion.

What is data recovery?

In computer system data recovery means retrieving inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from storage drivers, USB card, SD cards and all other data storage devices.

We can retrieve any kind of data file after deleted or formatted, just require perfect software for this process.

What happen to formatted drive data?

If you full format your system, then your data will be erase. But while formatting or deleting your drives/files computer simply un-link files from drive. It stores in the sectors. You can retrieve data from formatted drives with help of little bit data recovery technique.

How to recover data from formatted drive?

So, to recover data from delete drives, there are many options. Most effective is to use the software’s, they are on paid and free basis depends on their functionality.

In market many software’s/applications are available for data recovery, depend on you operating system type, which file system you are using and want to recover also depend on type of HDD/SDD.

Software used for data recovery from formatted drive :

We are using “Recovery My Files” software for recovering deleted files from formatted or deleted drives.

This software has many features like :

  • 1) You can recover files on the file type system, means with file extensions Ex: .mp3, .mp4, .jpg, .gif, .doc, .xml, .ppt and many more
  • 2) You can do fast file search and recovery mode also complete file search mode.
  • 3) Also, in this software you can use options like fast format recovery and complete format recovery.
  • 4) After recovering file, you can preview file and then restore it in local drives.
  • 5) Using this application, you can recover external SD Card data, external hard drive (HDD) data.

This is the least of features of this “Recovery My Files” application...

How to download Recovery My Files?

Below is a link to download recovery my files software. This setup contains executable application file and serial key file to get full access of all software functions.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Link to application)

Steps to recover data (Formatted/Deleted, Drives/Files) :

Step 1 :

Download and install “Recovery My Files”, as per below images and start installation of software.

Before you start, disable all Windows security settings and Windows defender setting.

recovery my file logo

Once you install software, then open it by using desktop short cut.

recovery my file icon

Step 2 :

Select the operation you want to perform; in this case we are going to select “Complete File Search”, click on that icon and press next button.

recovery my file complete file search

Step 3 :

In next screen, select which drive files we want to recover. Select that particular drive and press next button, as you see in below image

recovery my file drive selection

Step 4 :

In this step, select which file types you want to recover, here hundreds of file types are available, then click on “Next” button.

We are leaving default file types for data recovery as shown in below image.

recovery my file extension selection

Step 5 :

In this step, software is searching for deleted files whichever file types you had selected earlier, wait to complete search progress 100% for deleted files in selected drive.

recovery my file data recovery in progress

Step 6 :

After search complete, software will show us all files discovered. Select files as per your requirement to restore. As shown in below image.

recovery my file select files torecover

Step 7 :

Finally, to save all selected files in local drive click on “Save Files” button, as shown in below image and select location to recover selected files.

recovery my file save recovered data

Conclusion :

As described in above method you can recover all externs file from small size to big size and store in your local drives. Sometime in this operation recover and restore some file lost their original quality (Images get blur, Videos get poor quality).

Using this software, you can recover only readable drives data. Drives that are not readable, it’s almost complicated to get data restoration using this application.

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