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Browser Object Model - BOM

Browser Object : BOM

We have read earlier in the course that JavaScript is capable of dynamically manipulating the content and style of HTML elements of the web page currently rendered on the browser. The content given for para during HTML creation or the style given for heading during HTML creation can be changed even after the page has arrived on the browser.

This dynamic manipulation of an HTML page on the client-side itself is achieved with the help of built-in browser objects. They allow JavaScript code to programmatically control the browser and are collectively known as Browser Object Model (BOM).

For programming purpose, the BOM model virtually splits browser in different parts and refers each part as a different type of built-in object. BOM is a hierarchy of multiple objects. 'Window' object is the root object and consists of other objects in a hierarchy, namely, 'history' object, 'navigator' object, 'location' object and 'document' object.


We will be exploring each of them separately in the following order:

  • Document
  • Window
  • History
  • Navigator
  • Location
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