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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the programming language for web users to convert static web pages to dynamic web pages.

Web page designed using HTML and CSS is static.


JavaScript combined with HTML and CSS makes it dynamic.


JavaScript was not originally named as JavaScript. It was created as a scripting language in 1995 over the span of 10 days with the name 'LiveScript'.

The Scripting language is the one that controls the environment in which it runs.

But now JavaScript is a full-fledged programming language because of its huge capabilities for developing web applications. It contains core language features like control structures, operators, statements, objects, and functions.

JavaScript is an interpreted language. The browser interprets the JavaScript code embedded inside the web page, executes it and displays the output. It is not compiled to any other form to be executed.

All the modern web browsers come along with the JavaScript Engine. This engine takes responsibility for interpreting the JavaScript lines of code. There is absolutely no need to include any file or import any package inside the browser for JavaScript interpretation.

Popular JavaScript engines include:

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