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JavaScript is a full-fledged client-side language used for developing web applications. JavaScript is easy to learn, debug and test. It is event-based, platform-independent and interpreted language with all the procedural programming capabilities.

Developers choose JavaScript to create dynamic, interactive and scalable web applications. JavaScript helps developers in extending the functionalities of web pages effectively. It helps primarily in reducing the number of request-response cycles and decreasing the network bandwidth. JavaScript helps in reducing the response time.

In this course we will discuss the basic concepts of JavaScript, validating the forms using JavaScript, creating interactive web pages by handling events, updating the view by manipulating the DOM.

Web applications which were developed using server-side programming languages like Java and Dot net involved travel of user requests all the way from the client(browser) to the server hosting the application. The multiple request-response cycles between client and server were consuming both time and network bandwidth.

JavaScript got introduced as a client-side programming language with the capability of executing user request on the client-side. This could prevent multiple request-response cycles between client and server to help web applications overcome the time and network bandwidth challenge.

This course will help you develop a web application using JavaScript and handle user requests on the client-side.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create dynamic HTML web pages using JavaScript
  • Validate HTML forms and handle the events at client-side
  • Create reusable code in web applications using JavaScript functions
  • Create interactive web pages using DOM API

As part of this course, we will be learning JavaScript and developing three web apps namely, Temperature conversion app, Online-ticket booking app, and MyMovie web portal.

Target audience: Developers

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